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Specific Research Articles


Solar Urticaria A Report of 25 Cases and Difficulties in Phototesting-JAMA

Characteristics and prognosis of idiopathic solar urticaria-JAMA

Chronic Urticaria-NIH (SU is a type of Chronic Urticaria)


SU-Study of 40 cases from Japan-

NEJM register for free account to see archived articles

Understanding Visible Light and UV Radiation -Univ Oslo-Forsiden Basic facts about visible and UV solar radiation:spectra and their variations with the phases of the solar cycle, ozone level, time,latitude, altitude, albedo (reflection), and sky cover


Want to understand what SU is? READ THESE ^^^^^

The Anaphylaxis Continuum & how it affects us- A post by moderator Rose Oaks  Epi-Pens, SU, and the misconceptions of Anaphylaxis (death by SU). Includes links to several medical journal articles on Anaphylaxis.

Urticaria = increased risk of anaphylaxis-Journal of Dermatology (2018)


Why SU can be dangerous to some (many) of us ^^^^

Physical Urticaria and Vit D3/Mag/Calcium (Don’t take anything before discussing with your primary doctor)

Sunscreen Basics (US)

Vitamin D3 vs D2   

Tryptase and Mast Cell Activation Disorder (a sometimes related immunodeficiency condition)

How Epstein-Barr infection may trigger some autoimmune-disorders (NIH)

•Optical Brighteners turning UVA into visible light BASF document describing the whitening process of detergents and fabric additives. If brighteners turn UVA to Visible light  than logic follows they exacerbate Visible wavelength SU. Finding clothing without them….?

Phase II Solar Urticaria Pilot Study (US) $$$ Good luck getting approval from insurance or the government overlords in Universal Healthcare countries



Research Sites

British Assoc. of Dermatologists - Solar Urticaria Patient Leaflet - a more

condensed version of the info available on Medscape.

Medscape - A thorough site for info on most things medical

US National Institutes of Health - If you want to go down the rabbit hole, search “solar urticaria” and read the abstracts of the many various scientific papers on SU. The full text articles are available too for the high IQ crowd.

New England Journal of Medicine

Journal of the American Medical Association

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