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What is Solar

Urticaria (SU)?

em spectrum.png

SU refers to a physical response to UV or Visible light between 280nm and 780nm. Many with SU will react through windows, and even on cloudy days. Fluorescent lights and computer monitors can be a problem after an extended exposure. Some report that they react to reflected light (UVB) from water, snow, sand, concrete, grass, glass buildings, shiny cars. Some react to visible light. The typical response is hives, which is red, hot and itchy.  It can include raised bumps or be flat.  It is extremely uncomfortable.  It can be blistered, or not.

We are all different, so too our disease. Unlike a single disease, SU is a group of afflictions. Each and every case of SU presents in its own unique manner. For some SU is literally a single (albeit very difficult) allergy. Others are diagnosed with various autoimmune diseases (Lupus, MCAS, mastocytosis) and SU is one of many symptoms. Medicines have caused SU in some. Still others have found no specific reason for their SU (idiopathic). Male, Female, young, old, vegan, or steak lover. There is no normal.
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